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Dry Sausage

Artisan Dry Cured Sausage… Serve it just the way you like it.

Dry sausage is versatile, and is equally at home served in formal settings with wine, cheese and good bread, or at casual gatherings and holiday parties. Our personal favorite is sliced thin, with a dab of mustard while watching a game on the big screen.

What is dry sausage?Dry Sausage

Many cultures have perfected different ways of curing or preserving meat, either through drying or smoking. Our dry sausage comes from an Italian tradition of curing pork using only salt and air.

Commercial sausage makers cook their product. Artisan producers who make dry cured sausages will tell you that cooking changes the flavor. The common factor is that meat is ground and a casing is used. In the middle European countries such as Germany, Hungary and Poland, smoke is used to cure the meat.
We use salt and air to dry our sausage. The result is an artisan sausage with deep, complex flavor that requires no refrigeration and has practically an unlimited shelf life.

Our dry cured sausage is a high-protein, no-fuss snack. Because it is a cured meat, it never needs refrigeration and can be carried anywhere, which is perfect for

  • Hunters
  • Hikers
  • Golfers
  • Bikers
  • Fishermen ge…

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