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Make Every Day a Special Occasion

Making sausage is a family tradition in Italian neighborhoods. Growing up, it seemed every family had one or two curing in the garage or attic when cooler weather came around. The sausages would cure for a few weeks so they would be ready for the holidays.

Although Every Family’s Recipe Was Different, Three Things Were True About Each Family’s Dry Sausage:

  • Everyone Thought Their Dry Sausage Was the Best Around
  • It Was Available When Family and Friends Gathered
  • Recipes Were Secret and Protected

Very little has changed in the way we make our dry sausage. We work in small quantities to ensure quality and give each batch the attention it deserves. We started making dry sausage because we wanted to remember how great those times were, with family and friends gathered to celebrate. Things were simpler then.

That’s what makes the dry sausage at North Denver Sausage in Denver, CO so good. It’s a time-tested recipe utilizing the best ingredients. The result is a dry sausage you’d be proud to offer your family on any special occasion.

Our Secret To Making Dry Sausage Is Simple:

  • We Don’t Use Chemicals or Preservatives
  • We Make It Because We Love It
  • We Use an All-Natural Casing
  • We Use Only the Best Ingredients
  • We Work In Small Batches

What Has Changed?

The equipment is better, for one thing. We ship our dry sausage all over the country; our facility adheres to USDA guidelines and is subject to regular inspections. Our sausage hangs in a climate-controlled room where we control the temperature and humidity, so we don’t have to wait for cooler weather to make it, which means it’s available all year long.

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